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We're Live!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Thanks to the Autodesk's App store employees for having the patience to guide me through the submission process. Even after reading all of the branding guidelines and requirements for App submissions there were still a amendments to be made to the final product.

But we are now live! We are offering a 30 day free trial for users and once you have finished single licences are available for under £30.

Our Add-in takes the spaces, geometry and luminaires within your revit model and converts them into a Simple Text Format (.stf) which can then be consumed by DIALux 4 and Evo.

A short video below shows the process for using the Add-in and importing the files into DIALux.

lighting calculations should be a breeze.

Unfortunately, as we all know this isn't the case, in most cases models have to be re-created rather than porting between programs, results need to be interpreted, outputs can vary substantially and reporting of results is lacklustre.

We'll be adding new functionality in the coming weeks to import the DIALux files back into Revit and placing the luminaires in the correct locations. We'll also be adding an function to export IFC files for the more complicated areas to bring them into DIALux EVO.

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